I started my shop two years ago with nothing except a tool box that I had to borrow because everything I had was in Oregon. We began with painting vehicle lots and full restorations.

I was born in the city of Iowa City, Iowa. I’m from a tiny town in the Midwest. I’ve been in Nebraska for seven years. Since 2000, I’ve been painting vehicles. Everything I’ve learnt has been self-taught or taught to me by old-school business proprietors.

From a Ford Focus to a show-winning street rod, I’ve painted it all. I’ve done work with Barret Jackson, SEMA, Burt Reynolds, Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage, and Dennis Collins of Black Mountain Jeep.

I paint bikes, unique graphics, and I recently completed my first weapon painting project.

We’re just getting started with Peelable Paint Jobs (aka Liquid Wraps) in the shape of chrome deletes, complete color changes, clear protection films, wheel color changes, caliper color changes, and so on.

We also provide complete and partial restorations, collision paint and body repair, custom paint and body work, and minor custom jobs (motorcycles, skate decks, tumblers, wall art etc). If you wanted, we could even paint a custom toilet for you. 😉

WE SPECIALIZE IN CUSTOM. Custom and fun projects are what keep me happy to go to work in the morning!

Have a cool project you want a free estimate on? Give us a call or shoot us an email!

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